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American Beefalo Association
- Beefalo are animals containing both Bison ( American Buffalo ) and domestic cattle. This produces meat very low in fat and cholesterol. -
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Animal Healthcare Calf Dehorning Paste - Hornex (Europe) Ltd Animal Healthcare Calf Dehorning Paste - Hornex (Europe) Ltd Edinburgh Lothian
- Hornex (Europe) Ltd, based in Edinburgh, Scotland are the producers of animal health product Hornex. Hornex offers the most humane dehorning solution ensuring that young calves thrive and become healthy cattle -
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Beri's Dinosaur World
- A free Web dinosaur and paleontology magazine. -
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Nutritional Aspects of Herp Husbandry
- Herpetoculture Husbandry, Supplementation, Nutritional Needs, and Care. -
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Nuts About Nature
- Nature and wildlife. Contains detailed accounts and quality photos on hundreds of species, as well as audios, a weekly "Birding I.D." contest, an online bookstore, and much more! -
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Resources for Pet Owners New Delhi
- Useful information for animal lovers and pet owners. Beautiful pictures of dogs, birds, butterflies and wild animals. Inspirational quotes by great people. -
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The Living Planet
- Provides information on various animals from around the world. -
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Wildlife Management Services
- WMS provides wildlife consulting, management, and nuisance control for all your needs. -
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